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How the 123FAHRSCHULE works: Registration, payments & bookings

Register now online
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Online registration, payment & booking of driving-lessons

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Learn online for theory & practice and observe progress

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Successfully passing the driving test

Here we explain all further steps. For example, how to book driving lessons, how to register for theory lessons or when you can attend our next first aid course.

How do I book theory and driving lessons?

After your registration you can start right away.
To make this as comfortable as possible, you can control everything online from your smartphone or PC.

In your login area you not only have an overview of how many driving and simulator lessons you have bought and booked, but you can also see how many of the 14 theoretical compulsory lessons you have already completed.

To prepare for the theory classes it is important that you register online.

In your login area you have 3 calendars which are divided as follows:

  1. how to book theory lessons
  2. how to book practical lessons
  3. how to book simulator lessons

Booking of theory lessons

Startseite zum Buchen von Theoriestunden über die 123FAHRSCHULE-App

Select the lesson block you would like to attend with a mouse click and then press „book“. The field turns green and you can see at a glance what time you have booked lessons.

For the theoretical training you have to attend the basic and class-specific lessons. You can start your lessons immediately after registration.

How many lessons do I have to attend?

The basic material comprises 12 double hours of 90 minutes each and 2 class-specific hours of 90 minutes each for the first acquisition of a driving licence class.

Before you can take the theoretical examination, your driving licence application must be submitted to the TÜV.
We will receive a message as soon as your test order is available and inform you about it.
To ensure this, we always need your current telephone number or address.

Before we allow you to take the exam, it is mandatory that the traffic light in your learning app is green.

A passed theory test is valid for 1 year. In these 12 months you have to pass the practical test, otherwise you will have to apply for a new driving licence.
You can take the theoretical exam at the earliest 3 months before your 17th birthday.


You cannot take an exam without a valid ID document.

Booking of driving lessons:

Startseite zum Buchen von Fahrstunden über die 123FAHRSCHULE-App

We’ll assign you a driving instructor. If you have a driving instructor wish, you may of course also express this. In your log-in area under practical lessons you will now get your driving instructor’s calendar unlocked. Select the desired time block with a mouse click. Please note that it is always better to book a double lesson.

After you have selected your driving lesson with the mouse click, you now select a pickup point and go to „book“. Your driving instructor will pick you up at the desired time and drop you off at the end of the lesson.

You can cancel a lesson 48 hours in advance. If you are within 48 hours, the system informs you that costs are incurred, and you must confirm this first.

Practical lessons (driving lessons)

You can start with the driving lessons as soon as you have participated in 5 theory lessons and completed 2 simulator lessons.

The practical lessons are divided into 2 types of driving lessons:

  1. practice drives
  2. special drives.

In contrast to the special trips, the number of practice trips is not prescribed by law. They serve to introduce you to everything and make you familiar with everything. They also prepare you for the special trips. Even if the number of practice rides is not mandatory, you must be at a certain „level“ to complete the special rides.

Special driving lessons

The number of prescribed special driving lessons for class B is 12 hours á 45 minutes.

On average, a student driver needs between 30 and 35 driving hours including special driving lessons. This, of course, varies from student to student.

You can take the practical exam at least 1 month before your 17th birthday.


You cannot take an exam without a valid ID document.


Since we are an online driving school, we offer you not only the possibility to register online, but you can also pay comfortably from home or on the road.

We also offer purchase on account and payment by EC card.

Payment with cash is not possible with us.

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