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Important questions & answers about the 123fahrschule

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Before you start your education

How can I register for the 123fahrschule?

Since we are an online driving school, the entire administration ist done via our online system. You can easily register here.

You also register for the theory lessons and the practical lessons online. You can do this easily in your personal login on our website.

And lastly you have to apply for a driver’s license at the authorities in the town hall. To ensure that your application goes smoothly, we have compiled a checklist for registering for your driver’s license.

How do I receive my license contract?

As soon as you have completed your registration our system automatically creates a contract, which will be provided to you in your personal login on our website.

When can I start my driver’s license training?

In general you can start your drivers training when you are 17,5 years old. You can complete the theoretical exam 3 months before you turn 18 and the practical exam one month before you turn 18.

If you want to do the BF17 driver’s license – meaning accompanied driving – you can start everything an entire year earlier. Therefore, you can start when you are 16,5 years old.

Which vehicles can I operate with a Class B driver’s license?

The driver’s license category B compromises vehicles of all types with a maximum permissible mass, not exceeding 3,500kg, designed for the transport of a maximum of eight people (not including the driver) (except vehicles in category A). Trailers with a maximum permissible mass not exceeding 750kg and trailers with a maximum permissible mass exceeding 750kg, provided that the maximum permissible mass of the combination does not exceed 3,500kg, are permitted.

Which categories are still included in the category B driver’s license?

When you get your category B driver’s license, you will receive the categories AM and L – a scooter license and a tractor license – automatically as well. With the BF 17 license you can also already drive categories AM and L by yourself.

Which license categories does the 123fahrschule offer?

At the 123fahrschule we focus on perfecting the category B driver’s license. For that reason, we do not offer any other categories. In this way, we can fully concentrate on creating the perfect conditions for your car license.

What is the composition of the training progress?

In the online system, you can see your training progress in a diagram. In this diagram you will find every detail regarding the course of your training. After every completed lesson, your driving instructor will add your progress to your account, so that you can always keep an eye on it. With this you do not only have a perfect overview of the amount of lessons you have already done, but also of which theory topics you have covered already and how far your individual degree of maturity has progressed.

Theory lessons

Foto: Tische im Theorieraum mit 123FAHRSCHULE Block und Stift
When do the theory lessons take place?

We offer at least 12 theory lessons a week. At many locations we even offer 4 lessons a day. Please note that you may only take part in 2 lessons a day. That means either in the morning OR in the evening. On the sites of the different locations, you can find information about the specific lesson times of your driving school.

How do I book a theory lesson?

In our online system, you find the tab “Termine“. If you open it, an orange button with a plus will appear. Press the button, then “Theoriestunde” and a calendar with all available dates for theory lessons will open. Just choose a suitable date and you will be forwarded automatically. Then the information about the selected appears and you just need to confirm your selection by clicking on „verbindlich buchen“.

How do I cancel a theory lesson?

If you cannot take part in an already booked theory lesson, you can cancel it easily via the online system. Just open the tab “Termine” and you will find a list of all of your booked appointments. Pick the appointment that you want to cancel and press the button “Jetzt stornieren”.

How can I study for the theory exam?

We provide you with our in-house studying app, so that you can optimally prepare for your theory exam.

The app is based on an innovative 6-level learning system, which leads you to your successful theory exam step by step.

When you have finished every level successfully, you are ready for the exam.

When can I register for the theory exam?

When you have completed all 6 levels of our app, you are ready for the theory exam. Additionally, you must have completed 12 lessons of basic information and 2 lessons of category-specified information.

These requirements have been met? Then you can either pick up your certification of the theoretical training personally, or we can send it to you by post. Definitely sign your certification at the bottom right, before you go to the exam. Also remember your ID-card.

The practical lessons

Foto: Frau sitzt am Steuer eines Pkw und drückt auf den Start-Knopf
With which vehicles can I learn to drive?

In our driving school we drive with the newest generations of BMW and Renault. Our cars are non-smoking vehicles and are of course always in a clean and tidy condition.

Every pupil, who books one of our saving packages, may complete a double lesson on one of our Tesla Model S.

Our vehicles:

  • Tesla Model S
  • BMW Series 1
  • BMW Series 2
  • BMW Series 2 Active Tourer
  • Renault Kadjar
  • Mercedes GLA

To furthermore ensure the cleanliness of our cars, eating in the cars is forbidden.

How do I book a practical lesson?

In our online system you find the section “Termine”. If you click on it, an orange button with a plus will appear. Tap on it, then choose “Praxisunterricht” and press the button “Fahrstunde anfragen”. Now you have to fill out the form. Your driving instructor will then contact you. All you have to do is to confirm his appointment proposal.

The booking of the the practical lessons is always binding. If you cannot take part in a lesson once, you must cancel the lesson on time.

You have not been assigned a driving instructor yet? Then please contact our local branch.

How do I cancel a practical lesson?

If you want to cancel a lesson that will take place in the next 48 hours, ¾ of the price is charged because usually the lesson cannot be re-allocated at such short notice.

You can cancel practical lessons easily by yourself via our online system. Just open the tab “Termine” and an overview of all your already booked appointments will appear. Pick the appointment that you want to cancel and press the button “Jetzt stornieren”.

What should I do, if I cannot take part in my practical lesson because I am ill?

If you are unable to take part in the lesson because you are ill, the same conditions apply, as for simply cancelling it.

How many practical lessons do I have to complete before I can do the exam?

In Germany, the average amount of needed practical lessons before the exam lies between 15 and 25 lessons, excluding the special lessons (night driving, all-weather driving, motorways, rural roads). Pupils who already have experience in traffic, e.g. because they have a foreign license or a licence in a different category, usually need less lessons than pupils who do not. Pupils with a fear of driving usually need a lot more lessons.

According to the law, one lesson takes 45 minutes. At our driving school, double lessons (90 minutes) are customary, to achieve optimal learning success.

It is our goal, to prepare our pupils for the exam with as little lessons as possible, but as many lessons as necessary, so that the exam can be passed on the first try and no extra costs arise. Also, you should feel safe driving by yourself after you have passed the exam.

How many lessons are obligatory?

The so-called special lessons can be identified as obligatory lessons too. The legislator makes these lessons obligatory before taking the practical exam.

For licence category B, it was stipulated that 12 special lessons must be completed. These are broken down as follows:

  • 5 cross-country trips
  • 4 motorway trips
  • 3 night trips

You can only start the special lessons, when you feel that you are traffic-compliant and can drive relatively safe. That is why you definitely need to take several practice lessons beforehand.

Where do I find a good traffic training area?

Unfortunately, our driving school does not have its own traffic training area.

The ADAC and different cities have traffic training areas.


The Exams

How is it determined, when I can take the practical exam?

You and your driving teacher can decide together, when you are ready to take the practical exam.

In the case that your teacher thinks you need a few more lessons, you can rely on the fact that these few more lessons are necessary. Thanks to their experience, our teachers can almost exactly tell, if you are ready for the exam or not, most of the time. In our driving school, nobody will make you drive unnecessarily often or for an unnecessarily long time.

If you are ready for the exam, your teacher will forward your wish to take the exam, to the TÜV. After that, it takes about 2 weeks until the exam. As soon as your exam is approved by the TÜV (approximately 1 week beforehand), the teacher will let you know and tell you the date and time.

What happens if you do not pass an exam?

If your licence application is approved, you have 12 months to pass your theory exam. If you have successfully passed the exam, you can get another 12 months to pass the practical exam. If you do not pass the exams in the given time frame, you have to apply for an extension at the town hall. Speak to your driving school about what documents you need.

After consultation with the teacher, a new exam date can be requested. In both cases you will have to wait about 2 weeks for these again.

Before you take the practical exam again, you should complete at least 5 more practical lessons, to work on your still present weaknesses.

Important: If you do not pass the exam, please make sure to let your teacher sign the certification, which you received from the TÜV or DEKRA.

Personal settings in the in the online system

Nahaufnahme: Mädchen mit Smartphone in der Hand
How do I change my email address?

To change your email address, you choose the button “Profil” at the bottom right of the starting page in the online system. All of the information that you have given, is listed here. At the top right, a pencil symbol is displayed, which you use to edit your data.

After that, you pick the line with your email address and a keyboard appears automatically, so you can change your email address. Lastly you have to confirm your new email address by clicking on “Änderung speichern”.

How do I change my password?

If you want to change or reset the password you use for the online system, just click the button “Profil” at the bottom right of the starting page. All of your personal information is listed here. When you scroll down, you will find the button “Passwort ändern”. In a new window, you must enter your old password and afterwards you can confirm the new password. When you have given all needed information, just click on “Bestätigen”.

Payment and booking

Which package of 123fahrschule is the right one for me?

We offer various savings packages, with which you can save a lot of expenses. We will introduce all packages here and will explain which package is right for whom.

  • Starter Package
    In our Starting Package you initially only pay the basic fee for registration and the theory lessons. All further services are then booked afterwards one by one and payed for accordingly. This way you have full control over the costs and can easily adjust the time for your lessons and everything else to your budget.
    This package is perfect for you if you have financially limited possibilities and can only pay for the lessons one by one.
  • Standard Package
    If you already have a certain basic understanding of driving, a small number of driving lessons may suffice.
    Maybe you already have another driver’s licence or you generally learn very fast.Then our Standard Package is probably just right for you. In addition to theoretical training, you pay for the 12 necessary special lessons and 10 practice lessons that will prepare you for the exam. The standard package includes all basic modules as well as the exam fees.
    We also offer a money-back guarantee: First, you can only attend theory classes and then decide whether you would like to take advantage of all other services.
  • Premium Package
    Our Premium Package is aimed at all those who have no previous experience on the road and want to save money. All modules, 10 practice lessons and 12 special lessons as well as the TÜV exam fees are already included in the price. In addition you get 6 simulator periods and we take over the exam registration at the TÜV. This way you can fully concentrate on you driving training. Additionally, you save a lot of money compared to other packages, as all services that take you to your licence are already included. You do not have to worry about anything else and have full cost control at all times.
  • Express Package
    For those who are particularly in a hurry to drive, we have the Express Licence. You can get your licence in 14 days. With the Express Package you save a lot of money because all modules, as well as 14 practical lessons and 12 special lessons, are included in the price. The Express Package also includes 8 simulator periods and the TÜV fee for registering for the exam. In addition, you will receive a VIP advantage, which will give you priority when registering for practical lessons. In order for you to be able to concentrate fully on your driving training, we will also help you with the application process and with the registration for your exam.
How much does the licence cost in total?

The licence costs are made up of fixed and variable costs. Depending on the driving school, the variable costs may differ

The costs for the theoretical and practical exam are determined individually by the federal states. Within a federal state, however, they must be identical for each driving school. There are no legal regulations for all other costs, which is why they sometimes vary greatly from region to region. However, you can inform yourself about the costs in advance, as all driving schools are obliged to publish their prices according to §19 of the driving instructor law.

Variable costs include, e.g. the basic amount, which must cover all administrative costs and theory lessons. It also includes the cost of driving lessons, of which each pupil needs a different amount before he/she can take the exam. For a 45 minute practical lesson you can expect a price of 35 € to 60 €.

Additional costs:

  • first aid course: 30-40 €
  • eyesight test at an optician: 6,43 €
  • biometric passport photos: 7-18 €

For the driver’s license category B you can expect to pay about 1600 – 2000 € in total.

How can I pay?

Payment is possible in a variety of ways. At the moment we accept: PayPal, credit card, Visa, Master and American Express, as well as immediate bank transfer and on account. Payment in cash is not possible.

What do I have to consider while booking?

When you book a package, you must pay 50% directly. The discount applies to our regular prices. It may be necessary to have more practical lessons than included in the package. Services that go beyond the contents of a package are billed at the regular price. Package discounts are only granted if the package price is paid fully within 6 weeks of booking.

Once your payment has been registered with us, you can book your lessons.

Where do I transfer the money for the 123fahrschule?

For the locations Recklinghausen, Essen, Bochum, Herne, Dortmund, Marl and Gelsenkirchen, the money must be transferred to the 123fahrschule Ruhrgebiet-Nord GmbH:

123fahrschule Ruhrgebiet-Nord

Volksbank Köln Bonn eG

IBAN: DE79 3806 0186 4532 4750 10


For the locations Köln, Rodenkirchen, Leverkusen and Pulheim, the money must be transferred to the 123fahrschule Rheinland GmbH:

123fahrschule Rheinland GmbH

Volksbank Köln Bonn eG

IBAN: DE72 3806 0186 4532 4790 16


For the locations in Duisburg, the money must be transferred to the 123fahrschule Niederrhein GmbH:

123fahrschule Rheinland GmbH

Volksbank Köln Bonn eG

IBAN: DE39 3806 0186 4532 9290 11


When transferring money, you must state the following:

  • Surname, First name
  • Date of Birth
  • student driver’s number
What happens to the remaining balance?

f you still have remaining balance after completing your training, the money will automatically be transferred back to the payer’s account.

If you decide to end your training due to personal reasons before you complete your training, it is possible, that a part of the already paid amount must be kept. More information about this in our GTCs.

Switching the driving school

Eingangsschild 123fahrschule
How can I switch to the 123fahrschule?

A switch to our driving school is not a problem. You register normally and pay the displayed amount. If you had already started with practical driving lessons in your old driving school, it probably makes sense for you to book our starter package, because then you only have to pay for the services you still need.

We need a certificate of all your achievements from your old driving school so that we can acknowledge them.

In case you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our free customer hotline (0800 999 88 66).

Can I switch to a different driving school?

You have decided you want to change to another driving school? We are very sorry we could not convince you. We would like to know what led you to make this decision. Since in most cases, discrepancies that arise can be resolved quickly by a clarifying conversation. Sometimes it is also helpful just to switch the teacher instead.

If you have another reason for your decision, a change of driving schools is not a problem of course.

Just let us know or contact our customer service so that we can issue you with a certificate for the training units that you have already completed. This certificate is for your new driving school, so that the services listed there can be credited to you.

If you still have balance on your account, it will be paid out in the following 4 weeks. However, some of the amounts already paid may have to be withheld. Find out more in our GTCs.

Where can I read the GTCs?

You can read our GTCs at your local driving school branch or online at: www.123fahrschule.de/agb.

How can I lodge a complaint?

We take every complaint seriously and we always strive for a quick clarification.

If there is a complaint, we first seek a personal conversation with the affected pupil or his/her parents. Usually the problem can be fixed like this easily.

If you have disagreements about the number of driving lessons required, it is best to talk directly to your teacher. If you inform your teacher beforehand, you are welcome to bring your parents to the lesson so that they can see your current performance level on the basis of your training chart.

After the education

I have passed the practical exam – now what?

Great! Congratulations! Keep driving carefully and do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

We would be grateful for a rating – e.g. on Facebook or Google.

Will I receive proof of my training?

Upon request, we will issue you with a training certificate at the end of your training. It once again contains all relevant data, which you can also view in our online system, as well as information about the theoretical and practical training you have completed.